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Horse trailers

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Do you want a high comfort trailer for your horse? Atec makes safe horse trailers that meet your needs!

Atec makes high quality products from Dutch soil. Each trailer is a modern design, made of high quality materials with one goal in mind:

Optimal comfort for you and your horse!

Optimum driving comfort

Atec horse trailers are strong, stable and durable. Each of our horse trailers has an automatically welded and hot-dip galvanized chassis. This, together with the high quality construction and independent torsion suspension for optimum driving comfort.

Maximaal comfort

The interior and exterior of our horse trailers has been designed with attention for your horse. Loading your horse is easily the low entry.

During the ride your horse will remain calm through the comfortable suspension. The tinted windows provide fresh air, so your horse is ready for peak performance. Our unique Easy Release System ensures that the unloading as easy and comfortable for you and your horse.

Long lifespan

The design, construction and materials of our horse trailers are designed for years of heavy use.

Each trailer is fitted with a rubber floor. The stability is ensured by a specially developed aluminium frame which connects the side walls with the roof. The ventilated chassis is designed with box sections, U-sections.

These unique features combine for the long life of your Atec horse trailer.

Address data

Atec Aanhangwagens B.V.

Molenstraat 24
5437 AB


+31 (0) 485 322 322 
+31 (0) 485 320 356
KvK Den Bosch: 56402457

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