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Would you like a solid trailer? Atec has wide choice of trailers; closed-, platform, boxtrailers and car transporters.

For decades, our trailers are known for their sound quality, superior comfort and durability.

Optimum driving comfort

Atec trailers are strong, stable and durable. Each of our trailers has an automatically welded, hot-dip galvanized chassis. This, together with a practically design and solid structure form an optimal driving comfort.


The materials which are used for our Atec trailers are of the best quality. Stainless steel latches and hinges together with the galvanized chassis ensure long life.

Atec has long been a proud supplier of the entire fleet of trailers for one of the largest rental companies in Europe, because Atec trailers meet their stringent quality requirements.

Address data

Atec Aanhangwagens B.V.

Molenstraat 24
5437 AB


+31 (0) 485 322 322 
+31 (0) 485 320 356
KvK Den Bosch: 56402457

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